Medical use of marijuana

Numerous individuals are unconscious of the way that pot has a long history as a restorative guide which goes back to old times.

It is just as of late as the 1970’s that the medicinal utilization of pot was prohibited. Up until then cannabis has been broadly utilized as a natural cure as a part of China, Egypt, the medieval Islamic world and later, in the West.


shutterstock_125966744This atom goes about as a ‘cannabinoid neurotransmitter’ which implies that it transmits signs to an objective cell through the neurotransmitter. These “flag-bearer” atoms are situated inside of the body and mind.

It performs a scope of capacities which incorporate fleeting memory, torment regulation, voracity, development, and rest. It ties itself to receptors which empower it to perform these capacities.

For instance, it controls the procedure of making and losing associations between nerve cells which are an immediate aftereffect of learning and memory.

An association is made when you take in a bit of data interestingly and is reinforced as this procedure is rehashed.

This association is lost on the off chance that it is not utilized.

Be that as it may, an overabundance of anandamide can prompt absent-mindedness and a poor fleeting memory. However, a substance could be delivered which keeps this from happening and decreases the danger of memory misfortune.

How can this identify with weed?

med marijuanaAnandamide has a practically indistinguishable structure to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) –the essential compound in weed. It influences those regions of the cerebrum which are controlled by anandamide, for example, torment sensation and regulation.

Along these lines, restorative weed could be utilized to treat conditions, in which the patient encounters memory misfortune (e.g. Alzheimer’s malady) and perpetual agony (e.g. tumor, various sclerosis).

Cannabis and cases of restorative conditions

Cannabis can be utilized to treat an assortment of physical and mental conditions which include:

  • Anorexia

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Alzheimer’s malady

  • Glaucoma

  • Asthma

  • Migraine

  • Inflammatory gut illness

  • Depression

  • Cancer

These are only a percentage of the numerous conditions which maryjane may be utilized for to alleviate the manifestations and enhance personal satisfaction for the sufferer.

Contentions for medicinal maryjane

Supporters of medicinal marijuana contend that THC and different cannabinoids present in weed could be utilized to detail new solutions for a treat a scope of conditions. The point would be to create cannabis subordinates, for example, tablets, inhalers, splashes, patches and so on which would be less hazardous than smokable pot.

Smokable maryjane contains poisons, cancer-causing agents and tars which contrarily influence physical and emotional well-being and wellbeing. This kind of cannabis would not be utilized to make a subordinate.

Contentions against medicinal pot

Rivals contend that it is morally wrong to empower individuals to self-sedate with medications which mitigate their side effects as well as permits them to end up “stoned” in the meantime.

They likewise contend that pot reasons harm to ranges of the body, for example, the heart and lungs and can prompt a compulsion. It interferers with fruitfulness and may even prompt somebody utilizing “harder” medications, for example, heroin or cocaine.

How to Roll a Durry/Joint


Cigarette costs, as any smoker will weep over finally, are extravagant – a better than average pack will set you back near on 20 bucks. The uplifting news is that pockets are a great deal more savvy. A 30 gram “pocket” of tobacco, which retails at around 40, will create anyplace between around 70 and 100 cigarettes relying upon your moving style. You’ll have to purchase a few accessories with it – channels and papers regularly abbreviated to ‘papers’. In case you’re simply figuring out how to roll, I’d suggest beginning with yellow Zig-Zag papers and “yellow” channels, as these are the most straightforward to learn with and don’t break effortlessly, in spite of the fact that as you get to be capable you may need to switch (numerous smokers swear by Rizlas, for instance).

To start: twist the paper with your fingers so there’s an enclave in the paper. Place the tobacco in to begin with, sufficiently leaving space toward the end of your prevailing hand to put the channel in later. At that point, utilizing your thumb on one side and file + center finger on the other, make a moving movement. You ought to feel the tobacco begin to pack. Subsequent to doing this for around five seconds, slide the channel into the end of the cigarette and rehash the “moving” movement until everything looks even. Here comes the dubious part – move down the paper until it’s even with the tobacco, and after that move it upwards until it frames a cigarettes shape, lick the sticky piece of the paper – carefully, similar to a postage stamp or, as one bistro specialist prompted me once, “similar to a lady” (NO SLOBBER) – and complete the roll.

se-rouler-un-joint-un-expression-couranteYou can pick to decrease the weed with a sprinkling of tobacco to guarantee an even roll – however much you like is absolutely a matter of inclination. On the other hand, guarantee that you put the marijuana on the paper first. This is to abstain from losing da green off the top and to make a less uneven move – tobacco’s clumpiness functions admirably in further squeezing the weed into a rollable shape. In the event that you’ve purchased an extraordinary strand (you’ll know whether you pay more, if your merchant lets you know or in the event that it looks changed – White Rhino, to utilize one case, looks like weed cut with specks of feline poop however smokes like nothing else. You’ll be peaking the highest point of a wave in the blink of an eye) it’s basic that you don’t cut it, however – that too must be smoked clean to get the full impact. At last, you’ll need to make a turn at the highest point of the joint, which has the double motivation behind keeping away from spillage and assigning your piece as a fitting joint so you don’t get confounded, you pre-roller you.

To finish up, a few tips on weed-smoking behavior – in case you’re in a gathering, utilize the time-regarded ‘puff-puff-go to one side’ system, with the supplier getting an extra puff.

Marijuana could be very useful in medicine

Lately, more and more states and countries have started allowing the medicinal marijuana to be used as a means to help fight some of the most terrible diseases that this world has seen. But, it wasn’t always so. Some time ago, the doctors have seen marijuana as nothing more than a drug, but nowadays, they look at it as a plant that could help numerous people around the world. But, with what can this plant help out; how could it be of any use in medicine?

woman-doing-blood-testWell, first of all, this plan is great because it can help out with a lot of things, and one of them is certainly depression. Apart from depression that can almost be cured with the help of marijuana, this plant can also help out all those people who are suffering from anxiety and ADHD. This was proven by a study done in 2005, and it showed that the people who smoke marijuana are less depressive than those who do not smoke it. However, in order to let it help out with anxiety and ADHD, it has to be taken in small doses.

Also, another big disease that is said to that can be treated with marijuana is epilepsy. Although the study done on this subject did not show that marijuana is the best cure for epilepsy, it showed that people who are suffering from it did feel a bit better after taking some marijuana. Also, a similar study was done on people who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Tourette’s syndrome, and the results were pretty much the same.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis (Marijuana) LeavesAnother illness that is said to be cured by marijuana is neurological damage. These neurological damages usually come in the form of a stoke or a concussion, and various studies have shown that marijuana has all the neuroprotective qualities that are able to limit the damage done to the brain. It appears that marijuana does such a great job here, that even the NFL Commissioner hailed the idea of using marijuana to treat this.

Some experts also claim that marijuana can be used to treat the blindness that gets caused by glaucoma. According to those experts, the marijuana does the job here by decreasing the pressure that the eye has to put up with. That is how all the patients who are suffering from glaucoma can now feel a bit better, knowing that there is a way to get passed this, but only if you ingest the marijuana orally, by inhalation, or intravenously.

medcannabisAnd finally, it should also be noted that the people who smoke marijuana on a regular basis have a lot better carbohydrate metabolism than all the people who don’t smoke it. This means that marijuana can actually lower the level of insulin in your body, which is a great news for all those who are suffering from diabetes. And even though this is not yet been proven, things are looking well, and hopefully, this will be true, and we will find one more use for this amazing plant.

Marijuana Fights Cancer and Helps Manage Side Effects

The mounting proof shows “cannabinoids” in pot moderate disease development, restrain arrangement of fresh recruits cells that nourish a tumor, and help oversee agony, exhaustion, queasiness, and other symptoms.

cris_sCristina Sanchez, a youthful scientist at Complutense University in Madrid, was contemplating cell digestion system when she saw something impossible to miss. She had been screening cerebrum malignancy cells in light of the fact that they become quicker than typical cell lines and consequently are valuable for exploration purposes. Be that as it may, the growth cells passed on every time they were presented to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the central psychoactive element of weed.

Rather than picking up knowledge into how cells capacity, Sanchez had unearthed the counter disease properties of THC. In 1998, she reported in a European natural chemistry diary that THC “prompts apoptosis [cell death] in C6 glioma cells,” a forceful type of cerebrum disease.

df28028ad64b35a8aa28c347d48cdcf0Resulting companion checked on studies in a few nations would demonstrate that THC and other weed determined mixes, known as “cannabinoids,” are powerful not just for disease indication administration (queasiness, torment, loss of hunger, fatigue),they likewise present a direct antitumoral impact.

A group of Spanish researchers drove by Manuel Guzman directed the first clinical trial evaluating the antitumoral activity of THC on individuals. Guzman managed immaculate THC by means of a catheter into the tumors of nine hospitalized patients with glioblastoma, who had neglected to react to standard cerebrum disease treatments. The outcomes were distributed in 2006 in the British Journal of Pharmacology: THC treatment was connected with fundamentally lessened tumor cell multiplication in each guinea pig.

Around the same time, Harvard University researchers reported that THC moderates tumor development in like manner lung disease and “essentially lessens the capacity of the growth to spread.” What’s more, similar to a warmth looking for the rocket, THC specifically targets and pulverizes tumor cells while leaving solid cells unscathed.

seanDr. Sean McAllister, a researcher at the Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, has been mulling over cannabinoid mixes for a long time in a journey to grow new helpful intercessions for different growths. Supported by awards from the National Institute of Health (and with a permit from the DEA), McAllister found that cannabidiol (CBD), a nonpsychoactive part of the weed plant, is an intense inhibitor of bosom malignancy cell multiplication, metastasis, and tumor development.

In 2007, McAllister distributed a nitty gritty record of how cannabidiol executes bosom disease cells and annihilates switching so as to threaten tumors off articulation of the ID-1 quality, a protein that seems to assume a noteworthy part as a growth cell conductor.

The ID-1 quality is dynamic amid human embryonic advancement, after which it turns off and stays off. In any case, in bosom tumor and a few different sorts of metastatic disease, the ID-1 quality gets to be dynamic once more, creating threatening cells to attack and metastasize. “Many forceful tumors express this quality,” clarifies McAllister. He hypothesizes that CBD, by temperance of its capacity to hush ID-1 expression, could be a leap forward against disease solution.

Medical marijuana laws and adolescent marijuana use in the USA

In the USA, immature maryjane utilization has expanded subsequently to the mid-2000s. Pre-adult utilization, particularly customary utilization, is connected with improved probability of hurtful impacts, incorporating transient disabilities in memory, coordination, and judgment, and more term dangers of modified mental health, psychological impedances, unemployment, psychiatric indications and substance addiction.Therefore, ID of components fundamental youthful utilization is of significant significance.


th_70645D8E-DA23-E5AB-337242C3C471336AYouthful utilization of weed is connected with antagonistic later impacts, so the recognizable proof of variables basic immature utilization is of considerable general wellbeing significance. The relationship between US state laws that allow weed for restorative purposes and pre-adult maryjane utilization has been dubious. Such laws could pass on a message about cannabis adequacy that expands its utilization not long after entry, regardless of the fact that usage is deferred or the law barely limits its utilization. We utilized 24 years of national information from the USA to inspect the relationship between state medicinal cannabis laws and youthful utilization of pot.


Utilizing a multistage, arbitrary testing outline with substitution, the Monitoring the Future study conducts yearly national overviews of eighth, tenth, and twelfth grade understudies (modular ages 13–14, 15–16, and 17–18 years, individually), in around 400 schools for each year. 2009-0617-Ontonagon-schoolUnderstudies complete self-controlled surveys that incorporate inquiries on maryjane utilization. We dissected information from 1 098 270 young people studied somewhere around 1991 and 2014. The essential result of this examination was any cannabis use in the past 30 days. We utilized multilevel relapse demonstrating with young people settled inside of states to look at two inquiries. The principal was whether weed utilization was higher by and large in expresses that ever passed a restorative cannabis law up to 2014. The second was whether the danger of cannabis utilization changed after entry of restorative marijuana laws. Control covariates included individual, school, and state-level qualities.


Weed utilization was more pervasive in expresses that passed a restorative maryjane law at whatever time up to 2014 than in different states (balanced pervasiveness 15•87% versus 13•27%; balanced chances proportion [OR] 1•27, 95% CI 1•07–1•51; p=0•0057). Then again, the danger of pot utilization in states before passing therapeutic cannabis laws did not contrast altogether from the danger after medicinal pot laws were passed (balanced pervasiveness 16•25% versus 15•45%; balanced OR 0•92, 95% CI 0•82–1•04; p=0•185). Results were by and large powerful crosswise over affectability examinations, including rethinking cannabis use as any utilization in the earlier year or recurrence of utilization, and reanalysing restorative marijuana laws for postponed impacts or for variety in procurements for dispensaries.


Our discoveries, predictable with past confirmation, recommend that section of state therapeutic pot laws does not expand juvenile utilization of pot. In any case, general, juvenile utilization is higher in expresses that ever passed such a law than in different states. State-level danger elements other than medicinal weed laws could add to both weed utilization and the section of restorative marijuana laws.

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?



What Is A Gateway Drug?

The theory about gateway, says that marijuana is basically a drug which will only lead you to trying out other drugs.  But has this statement any real backup?  Furthermore, since alcohol and tobacco are also kinds of drugs, how come they are not as frowned upon as marijuana is?

Pros and Cons Regarding The Use Of Marijuana

alcoholThere are many reasons why marijuana is beneficial for people.  There also scientifically proven facts that marijuana helps with certain conditions and even treat certain illnesses.  The use of medical marijuana has been made legal in various different countries of the world precisely due to these reasons.  Still, there are certain downsides to the usage of marijuana, which can damage your health, more precisely the long term use of marijuana causes irreversible brain damage and it will even lead to memory impairment.  Therefore, it can be said that the issues which surround marijuana can be regarded from two viewpoints, and it all depends which side you are on.  Whether you choose to look at the benefits or and the bad effects which marijuana can cause, we can all agree on one simple fact and that is that marijuana is a plant.


Can A Plant Really Be Such A Potent Drug?

4pors5sAs such, being a plant, can marijuana really be considered to be a potent drug, like many other drugs which have been fabricated in laboratories?  Being a plant, marijuana is the gift of nature, the gift of God, or whatever you believe in.  As such, is it really normal for laws and governments to ban and put severe restrictions and punishments for people who want to consummate this plant?  In my own personal opinion, marijuana should be legalized; so that anyone who wants to enjoy it could do it.  Also, people who want to enjoy marijuana should be of age and aware of the consequences this practice will have on their overall health.  Also, what should be illegal is giving marijuana to underage children, just like it is illegal to give alcohol and tobacco to minors.  Just like alcohol, tobacco, or certain prescription drugs are legal, I see no reason why a plant such as marijuana should be made illegal or criminalized in a way it which it is criminalized certain parts of the world at the moment.


As For The Gateway Theory 

Concerning the gateway theory which says that once you try marijuana you are on a downward spiral towards becoming a drug addict in every sense of the way, I couldn’t disagree more.  Just like any other opiate could cause the curiosity to try out different opiates, people who try marijuana could one day wake up with a wish to try cocaine, for example.  However, that would be like saying: “If you have a glass of beer, you will end up smoking tobacco, which leads to smoking marijuana, which ultimately leads to smoking crack cocaine or infusing yourself with heroin”. And I consider this to be a complete and utter illogical nonsense.


People who want to try out all these different drugs eventually will, but there are also people who just drink alcohol, or just smoke pot and it is not a gateway to anything, unless you really want to get there. If you do however, you will always find a way.

Gateway Drug